Welcome to My Blog!

I finally found a blog design I can work with! I want to tie this in to my website, and hopefully I have done my settings correctly, but we shall see. I am currently on my summer break from The Art Institute Online, where I am working on another degree, this time in Web Design & Interactive Media. I am just starting to really get into the web design and development part of the program, and found that I am also learning graphic design and digital photo editing. Clearly a great bonus! I am closing in on my graduation date, which is now looking like spring of 2012. I am anxious to get through my program and get to work! But first things first. I am working on the planning stages of setting up my future freelance business, which is very time-consuming, but very important. And I have had some setbacks along the way, such as my accident one week before last Christmas, where I fell and broke my back and both wrists! I was out of classes (and everything else), for 4 solid months! I ended up having surgery on my right wrist, and now I am being told I have to do it again! I’m not too happy about that, but with the heinous scar on my wrist (top and bottom), and the fact that it just feels really funky, and sometimes hurts like crazy, I guess I will consider it….if I have a specialist do it. I was supposed to be in Alaska right now, for 4th of July weekend, but it didn’t work out that way this time. Mom has been sick, and I just have too many responsibilities here to leave at the moment. Sigh. Oh well, at least I have my new blog started! Woohoo! Thanks for stopping by! ~ Catherine


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