It’s Monday!

Usually that statement is followed by a heavy sigh, and the need for another cup of coffee (uh,oh…..running low myself! Brb…) Ahhhh! Much better! Now, where was I? Oh yes, I have decided to put the events of this past weekend, which were very disturbing on so many levels, far, far, behind me. Chalking it up to a nasty full moon, which apparently affected more people than usual! And I was one of the “lucky” ones who got to interact with those guys! YIKES! Anywho, I decided Monday can be a really GOOD thing! It provides instant relief from a bad weekend, and it holds the promise of a beautiful future in it’s hands! With that said, I am holding my cup of java high, in toast to a new week, and all the bounty and wonder that brings! Here’s to us!!!


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