Boudoir Photo Shoot

She arrived to a newly designed boudoir room set completely devoted to her photo session.  On the table was a bottle of champagne and 2 chocolate dipped strawberries on a gold platter, with a card addressed to her, welcoming her to her Boudoir Photo Session. I opened the bottle and the cork went flying over the balcony! After pouring her a glass of champagne, to relax and enjoy the day, we chatted for a bit to discuss what she was hoping to achieve.  While she went to change into her first outfit, I double checked the settings on my camera and the light.  I wanted to use as much natural light as possible for a soft dreamy effect and opened up my lens wide to let in as much light as possible.  I also had two 500-watt lights in 30″ square softboxes to add light where needed, and scatter the light as I didn’t want any harsh lighting.  She was thrilled with the results and so was her fiance!  Here is a tiny sampling of the photos we took, taking care not to share anything that would be objectionable or embarrassing online. I hope you like it! If you would like to schedule a session for yourself or gift it to someone special, let me know!- Catherine


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